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Welcome to Farm. I'm Sarah. Here's a little bit of information about me and how Farm has evolved. 

Once upon a time, I'm not going to think exactly how long ago now, I grew up in a beautiful Georgian house which my parents ran as a luxury wedding venue. As a family we lived and breathed and evolved around the magical goings on in that house, in my memories I recall it as though living amidst a flurry of hazey happiness and floating organza. Something about it must have stayed with me. 

Then I traveled, I lived in London, Spain, Canada and France. A few more places in between. 

In 2013, a long and successful career in interiors, styling and design across the world behind me, I settled back in my beloved Yorkshire. Ready for a fresh direction.

Inspired by my childhood, driven by my experience in design and styling, and motivated by my brief stint working with a super talented florist and an equally supportive new venue, I turned Farm on a new path into events and wedding styling. And I love it. I love the attention to detail, the endless creative possibilities, the happiness, the journeys and the stories.  Everything I have learnt, my years of experience in styling, my professionalism, my passion, my flair, my creativity, my imagination, I now pour into your day.  

So, Welcome To Farm.